In Virginia, recreational athletes get the athletic support they need to continue performing at their best.

The Jackson Clinics, a locally owned physical therapy practice with 12 locations throughout Northern Virginia, announced that it has officially teamed up with Fairfax Athletics (FXA) to support the league’s 10,000+ athletes, on and off the field, with a variety of athletic services not typically available to recreational athletes.

At various games and tournament styled events, a team of The Jackson Clinics’ certified athletic trainers (ATC’s) will provide a wide array of services from pre-game taping to emergency treatment for injuries sustained during the games. Its professional staff will be fully equipped with treatment tables, medical kits, and coolers of ice. Supplies, such as tape, thera-bands, and stretch-out-straps, will also be readily accessible for athletes.

“Our team has the knowledge, skill and motivation to relieve an athlete’s pain and get him or her back into the game”, says Jackson Clinics’ co-owner Anna Jackson.

FXA, a non-profit organization started in 2007, has grown to be the largest co-ed and men’s adult sports league in the Washington, D.C. region, with over 600 teams competing, casually or competitively, in six sports (flag football, soccer, softball, basketball, kickball and dodgeball). The new partnership with The Jackson Clinics will add a new dimension of support for their recreational-athlete members, not only on game day, but off the field as well.

FXA members will have access to professional staff at each of The Jackson Clinics’ locations where they can obtain screenings for the assessment of injury and prevention. The free physical therapy screen will quickly identify and target any injured part of the athlete’s body and evaluate its performance. Specializing in outpatient orthopedics and sports rehabilitation, The Jackson Clinics’ staff will work with the athlete, providing the support and exercise needed to heal, create balance and help prevent future injury.

“We are absolutely thrilled with this win-win partnership with Fairfax Athletics,” says Jackson . “There are clinics located virtually everywhere the teams are playing and our professional staff is ready and available to provide the professional, consistent care that they’ll undoubtedly need.

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About the Jackson Clinics:
Located throughout Northern Virginia, The Jackson Clinics is a locally owned physical therapy practice founded in 2005 by Richard and Anna Jackson. Its goal is to be a model practice in all respects; clinical care, education, research, and service. The staff specializes in orthopedics and sports rehabilitation with a focus on quality and consistency of care. The Jackson Clinics has been recognized for its outstanding patient care and is the National Practice Award Winner for 2010.

Jonathan Rand
The Jackson Clinics


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