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Co-ed Kickball

FXA Kickball is the Largest (and Best) Kickball League in Northern VA averaging over 175 team each year!  We offer full team, small group, and individual registrations for our Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons.

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Sunday Afternoon Co-ed Kickball
6/30/2024 4 DAYS LEFT
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Starts: 6/30/2024 

What's Included

2024 Season Dates

Registration Opens:
Wednesday, January 16, 2024

Registration Closes:
Wednesday, March 24, 2024

Season Begins:
Week of April 1, 2024

Registration Opens:
Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Registration Closes:
Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Season Begins:
Mid June 2024

Registration Opens:
Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Registration Closes:
Wednesday, August 28, 2024

Season Begins:
Early September 2024

Registration Opens:
Wednesday, November 13, 2024

Registration Closes:
Friday, December 27, 2024

Season Begins:
Week of January 5, 2025

Skill Levels

  • My players (or I) want to have fun and stay active; they’re mostly new to the sport.
  • Top 2 teams will compete for the championship.

If necessary, divisions may be combined or teams placed into a single open division.

  • My players (or I) have mostly played the sport before, and are looking for some “organized fun”.
  • The top half of the league will make playoffs (above .500 record w/ 4+ wins).

If necessary, divisions may be combined or teams placed into a single open division.

  • My players have all played before and want experienced competition.
  • The top half of the league will make playoffs (above .500 record).

If necessary, divisions may be combined or teams placed into a single open division.


Sign Up Options

You’re an individual who wants to get in the game & meet new friends! Once you sign-up, we’ll match you with other individuals to form a team!

Sign up with 1 or more friends and we’ll combine you with other small groups and free agents to create a full team.

You have a full squad ready to go! Great, sign-up as a Full Team to save on the league fee and have full control over your roster and team name!


  • FXA will provide all field equipment. This will consist of a 10-inch rubber kickball, MLB rubber bases w/ double 1st base, cones and music speaker.
  • Rubber Cleats are recommended
  • Games will play up to 7 innings or 45 minutes (depending on sunset), whichever comes first.  Umpires will declare a 10-minute warning, after which, no new inning may be started.
  • If gametime ends at the top or middle of the inning, the final score reverts back to the end of the previous inning.
  • Games that have completed the final inning with a tied score will result and be scored as a tie game. There are no extra innings in the regular season.

Batting (Kicking)

  • Bunting is not allowed! A bunt is defined as a kick that does not travel past the 30 foot line/markers and remain in fair territory. Any kick that does not travel past the 30 foot line/markers is a foul.
  • Count is 3 balls and 3 strikes/3 fouls.  Fouls are always considered strikes.
  • 3 balls is a walk (runner awarded 1st base), any combination of 3 strikes and fouls is an out. 
  • Kicking order: max of 2 males in a row, then 1 female (3 males cannot kick in a row). 
  • If the ball crosses any FRONT part of the rectangle plate (even corner tip of the plate), it’s a strike. If not, it’s a ball.
  • Any pitch that bounces higher than 6” (about the size of an iPhone) at the front of home plate is a ball.  Anything below 6” is a strike.
  • A kick occurring in front of home plate is a foul. If such a kick is caught on the fly, it is an out.
  • Foul balls are any balls that land out of bounds. If caught, it’s an out.
  • Kicker must kick the ball at or behind home plate.  If the ball is kicked in front of the plate, it’s a foul ball. If that foul ball is caught, it’s an out.
  • The catcher must start behind the kicker until the ball is kicked. The catcher shall not interfere with the kicker in any way. Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball. 
  • After the ball is kicked, any fielder (pitcher, catcher, 3rd base, etc) that touches the ball before it completely crosses the 30′ bunt line is considered a foul ball.
  • Any base runner that leaves the base before the ball is kicked, will be called out.
  • Each team is required to begin a game with at least 6 players in the field, with a minimum of 2 females. 
  • No more than 6 males may play in the field, with a minimum of 2 females.
  • A team may not play more than 10 players (minimum of 4 females) in the field.
  • Players may not cross the imaginary line between 1st and 3rd base until the ball is kicked. Failure to abide by this rule results in a ball.
  • All 4 outfielders must stand at least 20 feet behind the 1st, 2nd and 3rd base arc. If they encroach before the ball is kicked, it is ruled a ball.
  • Only one base on an overthrow is allowed to the runner, the one base is not automatic and the runner must take the turn and establish intent for 2nd base. If there is an overthrow at second base, then this rule does not apply because the ball is still in play. 
  • Once the pitcher has the ball in control and is within 5 ft circumference of the pitching strip, the play ends.
  • The fielding team is allowed 1 positional change per inning.



  • The pitcher must plant their foot on the pitching strip as they wind-up to pitch. No running up to the strip to launch a pitch. Pitches must be underhanded. Any side-arm or over-hand pitches will be considered a ball at the discretion of the umpire.

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