FXA Soccer is the largest Co-ed & Men’s 11v11 & 8v8 Adult Soccer League in Northern Virginia averaging around 175 teams each season. We offer full team, small group, and individual (free agent) registrations for our Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter seasons.  Email [email protected] for any questions and more information.


  League  Start Date  Deadline 


soccer-icon 8 regular season games

bracket-icon Playoffs for the top teams.

referee US Soccer Certified & Experienced referees

League Champion Shirts & Trophy

turf-iconAll games played on a turf field

sponsor-barBeer & food specials after the games!



FXA is offering a great deal on Team Shirts & Custom Logo Shirts. The shirt is a Gildan 8000 (50% Cotton / 50% Polyester Blend) with DryBlend Moisture Wicking Fabric. They are really nice, comfortable t-shirts! The FXA Logo Shirts are only $5/shirt and the Custom Logo Shirts are just $12/shirt! (minimum order is 10 shirts).  Click here to order.


You can also need to add a # on the back of the shirt for an additional $5 / shirt. (This is an 8″ single or double digit #).

Permanent #s are required on the back of all soccer shirts / jerseys.


Shirts will be ready within 5-7 business days after ordering.



Don’t have a team? Let us find you a team, or we will place you on a social/casual free agent team. Meet new friends and start building a team for next season.


Sign up with 1 or more friends and we’ll combine you with other small groups and free agents to create a full team.


You have a full squad ready to hit the field? Great, sign up as a full team to save on registration and have more control over your roster size.


Already part of a team? If your captain paid for a full team and you need to join it, this is the option for you. Join an existing team to sign your waiver and let us know your shirt size.




  • My players (or I) want to have fun and stay active; they’re mostly new to the sport.
  • Top 2 teams will compete for the championship.


  • My players (or I) have mostly played the sport before, and are looking for some “organized fun”.
  • The top quarter of the league will make playoffs (above .500 record).


  • My players have all played before and want experienced competition.
  • The top half of the league will make playoffs (above .500 record).


  • My players have played for years and want to compete against other established teams with athletes.
  • The top half of the league will make playoffs (above .500 record).




Yes, that is different than being on two rosters. We can’t guarantee that your games won’t conflict, but you can be on a men’s league roster and a co-ed roster on the same night of play.

The team captain must logged into their account, and click on Dashboard. From there, click on Manage/Add Players, then click Print Team Roster in the top right corner.

We will make the call on cancelations as soon as possible. You will receive an email from the system anytime a game is changed, canceled, or moved.

If your team needs to forfeit a game for whatever reason, please email or text us within 6 hours before your Monday – Friday game time and 24 hours before your Saturday or Sunday game time. Email is [email protected] & Text # is 703-382-9111 . Failure to let FXA know within the 6 or 24 hour timeline will result in a $100 forfeit fee, and will need to be paid before your next game. If not paid before 12pm of your next game, the game will be forfeited. This will now give you leverage to hold your players accountable for attendance. THESE PENALTIES WILL BE ENFORCED!

For playoffs, NO non-rostered players may play. For a regular season match, a team may use up to two female and two male substitute/guest players.

We offer both 8v8 and 11v11 formats for both Men’s league and Co-ed.

For Co-ed 8v8, you need at least 3 females (goalkeeper does count toward that), and you need at least 4 females for 11v11.

Send an email to [email protected] with your team name, your opponent’s team name, and both scores, so we can confirm this information with the referees and then update the scores.  Teams have 2 weeks (14 days) to inform the league of an incorrect score posted to the website / standings. If they find the error after 15 days, the league cannot guarantee the score will be changed.

If you would like to request a game reschedule, send us an email to [email protected] at least 5 business days prior to the scheduled game. Otherwise, we will not be able to pursue a reschedule for you. Please note, your opponent must agree to the reschedule, otherwise the game will be a forfeit.

If both teams playing against each other wear the same color jersey/shirt, the AWAY Team (1st team listed on the schedule) is responsible for changing to a different colored jersey/shirt.  A pinnie can also be used.  FYI, the alternate shirt must also have a permanent # for Soccer & Basketball shirts/jerseys.

To help the League emphasize that it will no longer tolerate dissent of a referee’s calls, the League is instituting a new ZERO TOLERANCE policy. The policy will be clearly posted in the Laws of the Game and FAQs on the League’s website. The new law, which will allow a referee to eject a player who persistently dissents calls without penalizing the overall team, will state:

A. The League endorses a zero tolerance approach to foul, abusive, or degrading language. Foul and abusive language includes, but is not limited to, profanity, racial/gender/religious/ethnic slurs or degrading comments, and harassing or demeaning words, phrases, or gestures. Regardless of whether it is directed at another player, a teammate, the referee, or a spectator, referees will automatically issue a Red Card ejection to the player. The ejected player must immediately leave the field complex. In addition to sitting out the remainder of the match the player was ejected from, the player will be required to sit out two additional matches. Additional match suspensions will be added for such things as continuing to use foul and abusive language, failing to leave the field complex immediately, and other actions which bring the game into disrespect. In the event of expletives used in frustration (missed shot, etc) that is muttered under the player’s breath, the referee is NOT required to Caution the player. Rule of thumb—if the foul language can be heard by spectators on the sideline, it MUST result in a Yellow Card.

B. The League endorses a zero tolerance approach to dissent of a referee’s call. When a player or a substitute on the bench persistently dissents, regardless of whether foul, abusive, or degrading language is used, the referee will eject the player/substitute. When a player on the field is ejected for dissent, the team may replace that player and DOES NOT have to play down a player. When either a player or a substitute on the bench is ejected for dissent, they must immediately leave the field and the surrounding area. The referee will not restart play until the offending player has left, but the clock will continue to run. To avoid the loss of playing time, teams are strongly encouraged to urge the offending player to immediately leave the field complex. In addition to sitting out the remainder of the match for which the player was ejected, the player MUST also sit out the team’s next scheduled match. Additional match suspensions will be added for such things as continuing to use foul and abusive language, failing to leave the field complex immediately, and other actions which bring the game into disrespect.

So to summarize the new policy, the referees now have the power to eject a player without punishing the entire team by having them play short. If a referee ejects a players due to foul, abusive, or degrading language, the team can substitute in another player to replace the ejected player, thus not penalizing the entire team. In the past, referees would take A LOT of verbal abuse from players, because they didn’t want to the team to play short. They now have the power to replace problem players, and remove them from the pitch.

There are a few holidays throughout the year where we will not schedule games:

  • Easter Sunday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Weekend (Thurs-Sun)
  • Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day

Please expect that all other holidays that fall on your league day will have games scheduled, and we will not accommodate bye week or reschedule requests for those days.

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