Thursday Co-ed Kickball | Summer '24

Start Date Jun 13, 2024
Game Days Thursday
Games Times 6:00PM to 9:00PM
Duration 8 Game Season + Playoffs (for qualifying teams)
Skill Levels Social & Casual
League Format Co-ed 10v10 (6 males & 4 females)
Location Broad Rock Sports Complex
Roster 20 Players Max

Why Play FXA Kickball:

  • Great fields (lined, flat, and actual grass)
  • Fixed team fees - the larger your team, the cheaper it is per person (Ex: if you have 18 players, each person only pays $32 for the whole season!)
  • Trained and experienced refs
  • Premium soft-style t-shirt for every player
  • 10" kickball (easier to pitch, kick, and throw!)
  • Championship Rings and Championship Team Shirts for each play on the winning team!
##Duration##8 Game Season + Playoffs (for qualifying teams)
##Roster##20 Players Max