PS4 Madden20 Tournament #2

Season Spring
Start Date Mar 28, 2020
Games Times 7:00PM to 9:00PM
Duration 3 Day Tournament, Single Elimination
##Duration##3 Day Tournament, Single Elimination

Cash Prize

  • CASH PRIZE! Winner take all!
  • Games streamed on Twitch (Highlighted quarterfinal games, both semis, and the championship!)


  • Your team name MUST be your gamer tag
  • You must use a current team
  • The team listed as the home team is responsible for sending the invite/setting up the game
  • FXA Sports will set the game time for 8pm, but users may mutually agree to play at a different time, as long as the score is submitted before 9am the next day
  • Winning player must submit game scores to [email protected]
  • Regular FXA forfeit rules apply (10 minutes to login after the scheduled game time)

Tournament Settings

  • 1 tournament round will be played per day in a single elimination matchup format
  • Game Settings:
    • Time: 5:00 quarters
    • Play Clock: 40 seconds (default, cannot change)
    • Skill Level: All-Madden
    • Weather: Clear
    • Injuries: 0
    • Fatigue: 50
    • Accelerated Clock: Off
    • Game Speed: Normal
    • Game Style: Competitive
    • Event Type: Quick Presentation


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